Mohnyin University

Background History

On the vision of emerging a university which would generate intellectuals and intelligentsia who would support the development of the Mohnyin region in Kachin State, this college was first constructed on the 6th Waxing of Nayon (Third month of the year), 1365 ME, on the 5th day of June, AD 2003, under the instruction of State Peace and Development Council. It was successfully opened on the 6th Waning of Dabodwe (Eleventh month of the year), 1365 ME, on the 11th day of February, 2004. Location and Its Area

Location and Its Area

Mohnyin Degree College is located in Group of Ywathitkone Village, Mohnyin Township, Mohnyin District in Kachin State. Its area is 210 acres.

The Name

This degree college in Mohnyin shall henceforward be known as Mohnyin Degree College.